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Fancy taking a holiday here in Australia? What's great about Australia's vacation-friendly cities is the variety of experiences each one offers to long-term and hort-staying visitors. You can find bargains, visit museums, surf, jog, or take a walk in parks and bush trails and then head out for a drink at a pub or fine-dine on just about any cuisine you like in just one day.

Outdoor living's typically a premium deal with Australian cities, playing a big part in their casual and easy-going atmosphere. Nature beckons near, whether it the bushland in the backyard or watersport arenas on the coast. Most Australian cities have intimate ties to the beach culture, which mans you'll find no end to the amount of attractions an accommodations that you'll find within sight and sound of the surf.

Australia's state capitals are all attractive cities in their own right, but you might want to take a look at the other regional and smaller urabn attractions as well. Take for instance the Gold Coast, an oasis of convenient high rises and year-round beach activities. Or Byron Bay, renowned for whale watching, alternative cultural events and settlements, and Airlie, gateway to the Whitsundays with their island outdoor camps and the stunning Whitehaven beach.

In Australia, vacations to the cities can involve going on a drive through miles and miles of outback to visit a string of other places, or stepping on a plane to hop between points for a weekend spell or for the whole holiday season. With a rail pass, you can also go on a train journey to most of Australia's cities, and find the sights along the way almost as fulfilling as the destinations you'll be going to. Amongst these options, railway and road travel take up much time, reflecting the enormous distances between Australia's cities. Plane trips on the other hand are relatively cheaper, definitely faster and frequent between cities, and smaller operators cover regional areas such as Northern Queensland or the Top End's outback region. Planes going the Melbourne-Sydney-Brisbane corridor can depart 15 minutes apart doing the day.

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