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For overseas tourists: getting into Australia means arriving through plane or (much less often) ship. This means flight times of at least 11 hours coming from Asia, 14 hours coming from the Pacific coast of North and South America, and 24 hours from Western Europe. To beat jet-lag, travellers in both directions can break up their flight times into two or three legs and spend their stopovers experiencing another city! Choices for stop-over city holidays are Dubai, Hongkong, Singapore, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur.

Accommodation: in Australia, places to stay run the whole gamut from backpacker rooms downtown to exclusive island luxury resorts in the Whitsundays. The Sydney accommodation market is known to have the highest rates, but even here, one can find camping grounds and plain rooms going for a few tens of dollars a night.

In Tasmania, accommodation options include mountain-view cottages, leased apartments and cottages. Beach accommodation in Perth, Queensland and the Gold Coast range from surfer's lodges to multi-million properties. It's easy to pre-book accommodations of all kinds online for your vacations in Australian cities.

Safety: on the road, always stock food and water for possible vehicle breakdowns or stalls if you're going out into the sparsely-populated outback. When up close to Australia's wildlife, be aware of dangerous or poison-bearing species and heed local bans on swimming or trespassing to avoid needless encounters with jellyfish and saltwater crocs, just to mention two examples. On the urban side, keep sunburn away with sunblock, and watch out for motorists beating the yellow light before crossing the road.